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LRD Centenaries - Matching Italic People

ENIT - National Tourist Board has started a project to enhance the offer of cultural tourism on the occasion of the Centenaries of three Italian geniuses that are admired all over the world: Leonardo Da Vinci, 5th Centenary in 2019, Raffaello Sanzio, 5th Centenary in 2020 and Dante Alighieri, 7th Centenary in 2021.


According to UN and Italian Government sources there are over 250 million of Italic People in the world, that is people interested in Italian culture and lifestyle, and there are over 170 million people that attend courses of Italian language abroad.

The three Centenaries are an exceptional occasion to promote a cultural-tourist offer connected to the life, the places, the works and the events which will take place in the next three years on the three geniuses.

If you want you could contribute to this project by completing the questionnaire of the International survey published below.
Your personal opinions will not be disclose to third parties or in public but they will be elaborated in an aggregated way thus becoming object of analysis and comparison.

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PROJECT IDEA: matching the opportunity of LRD Centenaries with the Italiac People universe.

The Centenaries of three great Italian geniuses that the world admires - the 5th Centenary of Leonardo da Vinci in 2019 and Raffaello Sanzio in 2020 and the 7th Centenary of Dante Alighieri in 2021 - will objectively increase the interest, the travelling motivations and the volume of tourist flows to Italy.

  • According to UN and Italian Government sources, in the world there are more than 250 million Italic people: people that do not live in Italy, have no Italian passport but are passionate about Italian culture and that are expressly attracted by historical, artistic, cultural and environmental Heritage, Italian Language and Lifestyle and Made in Italy (methodology of engagement H2LM ©).

  • The match-making of these factors allows to estimate the potential incoming in about 6,125,000 new arrivals/year, 21,518,000 new presences/year and € 1,151,218,000 of new tourist expenditure/year. (NB: Estimates of arrivals, presences and tourist expenditure reduced by 50%, according to the analysis of the trends from Istat and the Bank of Italy 2018).

  • In addition, the Italian language, with more than 170 million learners, is the fourth most studied language in the world, as it is the key to access to phenomena such as culture of art, music, fashion, design, crafts, automotive, well-living and of course Italian food.


  • Scenario analysis of resources part of «LRD Italy» offer and benchmarking of equivalent European cases

  • Research on the international demand of cultural tourism, improved by the «LRD Italy» offer, developed on 9 global clusters to which will be added travellers and tourists online who publish posts (texts, photos, videos) on almost 200 websites of tourist conversations in the world.
    Finally a B2C survey will be developed with «avalanche» sampling on Facebook.

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