Bleisure in Italy

The most fascinating locations you've been looking for are in Italy. Here you will find the ideal location for your convention or that incentive trip you've been thinking of organizing. From the Alps to the Mediterranean, you can choose from hundreds of locations, modern buildings, heritage palaces, villas, castles or historic residences, all with a high standard of quality, equipped with all the comforts to meet the multiple needs of your clientele.

On a constant quest for innovation and specialization in the services offered, Italian convention centres enjoy a special architectural landscape setting that is combined with an unparalleled artistic and cultural heritage able to guarantee an evocative bleisure experience like few others in the world.

This market is now so developed and dynamic that it is one of the most important, if not the most important sector of the Italian tourism industry. Data confirm this trend by showing that Italy is at the top of the conference and incentive travel market. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of international congresses with events whose average duration is longer than in the past and with an increasing number of participants.

Accompanying this growth is the spread of large convention centres and conference facilities housed in historic mansions and large hotels. All these factors, along with improved offerings and increased competitiveness, result in the strengthening of our country's reliability within this sector.

Moreover, it should be added that Italy's great advantage lies in the variety of locations and the possibility of offering congress attendees itineraries and leisure activities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, destinations outside the traditional circuits, with a high landscape and cultural impact, such as facilities located in villages or castles, are increasingly in demand and now equal the market share of larger cities and cities of art, which have always been leaders in the Italian congress market.

To those who need to organize a congress, produce a large corporate convention, or create an event, Italy can offer more: ultra-modern facilities, efficient services, air, road and rail connections, but above all its natural and historical heritage, which represents an added value for an industry that is increasingly aiming to play a leading role in Europe and the world.

The Northwest of Italy: just a minute away from the rest of the world

Italy’s Northwest: Piedmont and Aosta Valley, with their unmistakable mix of aristocracy, a legacy of the noble House of Savoy, and European modernity. Then there is Lombardy, crossroads of trade and commerce and capital of dynamism and enterprise. Liguria, a strong but gentle land, rich in colour contrasts.

The Northeast: from the magic of Venice to the economic miracle

The Northeast offers extremely modern conference facilities that can meet any need, both in terms of size and aesthetics due to the high level of image of the facilities present. Spread between the Alps, Lake Garda and the far reaches of the Adriatic Sea, Italy's Northeast encompasses a wide range of landscapes. Finally, those who visit these areas cannot miss the great quality of the food and the splendid varieties of wines.

The heart of Italy among art, history, and traditions

One of the reasons for choosing Italy as a conference venue is the fact that the country has a huge historical and cultural heritage and the largest number of artistic and natural treasures recognized by UNESCO. This means it can offer conference attendees an endless array of opportunities for recreation after a day's work. Central Italy is a treasure trove of riches. It is the cradle of the Renaissance, the land where great painters, architects and artists lived and left the most important traces of their creativity.

The South, the terrace on the Mediterranean

Enchanting landscapes, artistic beauty, incomparable tastes, and smells. Southern Italy has much to offer with its warm hospitality, ready to welcome all those who come here for vacation or business.

Puglia is a frontier land: it plunges into the Adriatic Sea and stretches into the Ionian Sea, alternating between wild landscapes and fabulous beaches.

Basilicata is also a jewel in its own right. Calabria, the long peninsula between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, is the southernmost tip of Italy. A veil of mystery shrouds the two large Mediterranean islands - Sardinia and Sicily. Beaches, mountains, villages and delightful towns in this "world apart" that comprises the large Italian islands. It is nice to think of losing oneself in the mystery of their infinite beauty.