Italian Tourism Products

With its wealth of cultural, scenic and historical jewels, Italy offers a variety of visitor experiences embracing a broad spectrum of interests and possibilities. This section, edited with the contribution of the Italian Regions, is a resource for exploring the wide range of tourist opportunities in our country. This page presents Italy’s tourist offering, with particular focus on destinations and their products, divided into categories such as ‘bleisure’ travel, winter mountain experiences and beach tourism.

Through carefully selected content, we aim to support industry professionals, both in Italy and abroad, who require details and information in order to pursue their activities and goals, accompanying them on a structured journey towards a better understanding of the opportunities Italian tourism has to offer. Whether you are a tour operator interested in supplementing your offering with new destinations or a journalist seeking inspiration and market trends for articles and editorial content, you will find valuable resources in this section.

In addition, constant partnership with the Italian Regions and continuous content updating will ensure the highly current information in line with the latest industry trends. This enables operators and tourism professionals to stay informed and adapt their strategies and offers in a dynamic and innovative way.

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